Welcome to IMMD! A unique lab facility that brings together a wide range of genetic diagnostic solutions in one place. Our team consists of highly qualified and experienced professionals providing genetic testing with modern high-tech approaches. Our aim is to provide you in time the right diagnosis for the right decision.
We apply variety of techniques such as PCR/qPCR, Next Generation DNA sequencing as well as FISH analysis and traditional cytogenetic karyotyping to cover a broad spectrum of clinical demands related to identifying disease associated with gene alterations.
IMMD provides genetic tests for the diagnosis of hereditary and acquired diseases namely childhood developmental disorders, reproductive system disorders, blood disorders, metabolic diseases, cardiovascular, tumors, neurological diseases, infectious diseases and many others. 
IMMD offers a complete diagnostic package of prenatal and postnatal investigations including chromosome analysis, rapid FISH test for 13,18,21,X,Y aneuploidies, PGS, FISH for microdeletion syndrome, NGS panels and NIPT.
Based on significant diagnostic experience our cytogenetic facility provides precise and rapid identification of hematological diseases including AML, CML, myelodysplastic syndromes, myeloproliferative diseases, CLL, multiple myeloma, ALL and lymphomas by cytogenetic, FISH and NGS methods.
IMMD is well-experienced in services for pharma clinical trials and biobanking. Our in vitro facility is well-provided for offering of human specimens isolation in particular PBMC, DNA, RNA, mRNA etc.